A new business always starts with an idea. Something that the new business owner just can’t get out of their head – and so it was with Bees Knees Vintage Events.

That’s exactly what happened with us….. Elke was running Crumpets and Tea (www.crumpetsandtea.co.uk), a vintage china hire business and Sarah was running The Proper Cake Company (www.propercakecompany.com). Both experienced operators in the field and both with some great business / management experience – Sarah has a background in hospitality and many years’ experience in senior management in the pub industry and Elke has a successful background in TV production management, having set up and managed large scale outside broadcasts and events … let’s just say our organisational skills are something to behold!

We both had success with our individual businesses, but we saw a gap in the market just waiting to be filled. Why not bring together our love of all things quintessentially British, a collaboration of our passions and our combined skills? We got talking …..and so began the start of lots more discussions, with lots cups of tea and (if we’re honest) a little bit too much cake….. Well, you have to sample don’t you??

What are two of the most fabulous British traditions that like to think we do better than anyone else in the world? It’s quite simple – the classic Afternoon Tea and the even more classic (if that’s even possible) British Picnic….

We all love an afternoon tea and we all love a picnic. Everyone loves the idea of getting together with family and friends but if we’re honest the idea of the event is often better than the actual reality….. It’s the whole prospect of organising the food and drink that often puts us off. so we might book into somewhere for afternoon tea where we might feel quite rushed, it’s expensive and we may even end up feeling a little bit disappointed… Alternatively for a picnic someone has to take on the whole job of getting all the food together, normally that stuff from the supermarket in plastic containers that never quite lives up to expectation, or we could get everyone to contribute and bring something – and end up with far too many egg sandwiches and crisps and we’ve forgotten the napkins and the cutlery…. The picture in our mind is often very different to the actual picture that ends up on Facebook! Getting someone else to do all the hard work for you would be so much easier, would may the day so much more enjoyable….. And delicious!

So there it was…. Our idea! Our vision! Create a local business that can bring your Afternoon Tea to you, for a special occasion – a birthday, an anniversary, a hen do, a baby shower, or just because. A local business that can provide you with all you need for a smashing picnic, for a family get together, a local outdoor concert. From really really great food to drink to blankets, even a table and chairs and truly beautiful vintage china if you want it… all you have to do is to turn up. Just think! No cooking, no preparation, no hassle… just the task of enjoying yourself and having lots of fun! What could be better??

Well, that was it…. and now it’s gone from conception to fruition…. And now it’s available from Bees Knees Vintage Events! We can do everything for you; we can make your event really special. Take a look at our website and even better give us a call and we can talk through all your options to make your event truly bespoke and just perfect for you!

We’ll be posting blogs on here on a regular basis, so keep an eye out – we’ll be sharing lots of tips and ideas with you and some great recipes so you can make some of our delicious cakes and bakes at home when you have the chance.

We’d also love to hear any feedback you may have – we always love new ideas and we’re certainly always looking to make things even better. So feel free to get in touch.